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Commercial Loans - SBA & FSA Loans - Real Estate Loans - Community Development Loans - Consumer Loans

Our management is aware of the need to provide the residents of our communities with a full range of financial services. We give you the speed and comfort of loan decisions made on a local level. We provide loans to fit most any personal or business need. Stop in and see what we have available.

We extend various types of credit to all segments of the communities we serve, consistent with safe and sound operating practices. The following is a list of common types of credit offered:

Commercial Loans:
We offer a full range of financing options to businesses and individuals for business purposes. This area includes manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service industries, farmers, and others. These loans may be used to acquire or expand business facilities, purchase new or used equipment and vehicles, refinance debt, or increase working capital. Loan terms vary from secured to unsecured, fixed or variable rate, single advance or revolving, term or installment with periodic payments tailored to cash flow. We can structure about any loan to fit your needs. Security may consist of:

· Inventory
· Accounts receivable
· Machinery & equipment
· Livestock
· Crops
· Feed
· Milk Assignments
· Time savings certificates
· Warehouse receipts
· First or second mortgages on business, agricultural or residential real estate
· Cash surrender value of life insurance.

SBA and FSA Loans:
With loan terms ranging from 5 to 25 years, this can be a great way to launch your business. SBA loans help you buy or expand a business, build inventory and equipment, finance receivables, buy real estate, and fund working capital. These are secured loans for business purposes guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Secured loans for business purposes may also be guaranteed by the USDA - Farm Service Agency - Ag Credit Division (f/k/a Farmers Home Administration or RECD) or by another federal, state, local or tribal agency. Through Farmer Mac II and other programs, certain agricultural loans can be offered on a long-term payment schedule at low interest rates.

Real Estate Loans:

Secured loans to individuals and businesses for the purchase of real property or for construction or improvements to such property. These loans are supported by satisfactory financial statements with identifiable sources of repayment sufficient to amortize the loan in an acceptable period of time.

Community Development Loans:
These consist of loans to nonprofit organizations or other groups which provide economic, recreational, or other benefit to the community, consistent with safe and sound banking practices.

Consumer Loans:
Secured and unsecured loans to individuals for personal, family or household purposes such as:

· Overdraft Protection (Ready Reserve): This service provides the customer with a revolving line of credit under which the borrower may borrow sums of money up to a designated credit limit. Through the Ready Reserve program, credit is extended to the customer's checking account when the balance thereof falls below zero.

· Consumer Loans to Finance the Purchase of or Secured by:
- Automobiles, trucks, vans, motor homes, other RV's;
- Real estate & home improvements;
- Mobile homes;
- Boats;
- Other personal, family or household needs.

· Consumer Real Estate Loans: These loans include home purchase or refinancing, home improvement and home equity loans. Loans originated for resale consist of conventional, and also those loans originated in conjunction with loan programs available through the South Dakota Housing Development Authority.