Frequently Asked Questions About Online & Mobile Banking

How do I enroll?

To enroll you must first be enrolled with First Fidelity Bank Online Banking. Visit to access online banking enrollment forms.

Can joint account holders both use Mobile Banking?

Yes; however, only one mobile device can be registered per First Fidelity Bank online account. For added account security, First Fidelity Bank recommends each account holder maintain a separate Online Banking account and therefore separate Mobile Banking login information.

How do I change my Mobile Banking Password?

You may do so by logging in to your First Fidelity Online Banking account and then by selecting Services and Change Password. Your Mobile Banking password is the same as your First Fidelity Bank Online Banking password.

Does the Mobile Banking app work on all devices?

First Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking is available for Apple and Android devices that are web browser enabled through your mobile device’s web browser or through Apple and Android devices.

Does Mobile Banking work with all cell phone carriers?

Yes, Mobile Banking is available through all cell phone carriers and for all mobile phones that are web browser enabled.

My cell phone was lost / stolen, how do I opt out of Mobile Banking?

Contact us at 1-866-775-2641 and ask for the Mobile Banking helpdesk.

Can I make a mobile transfer to anyone and/or to any bank?

No. Similar to your Online Banking access, you may only transfer funds between your First Fidelity Bank accounts.

Can I pay bills through Mobile Banking?

Yes. Initial setup of bill pay apps must be done on a desktop computer, once initial setup is complete you can use these services through our Mobile Banking App.

Is there a fee?

First Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking is a free service available through Online Banking. Your carrier’s standard data plan fees will apply.

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Yes, Mobile Banking uses the same multifactor authentication (MFA) security as First Fidelity Bank Online Banking. Once your device is registered with mobile banking during your initial login you will be prompted to enter only your password on future logins to Mobile Banking.

If I transfer funds via Mobile, will the transfers be processed immediately or will there be a delay?

Mobile Banking transfer cutoff time is 3:30 PM Central time on any business day. “Cutoff time” is the time by which we must receive your transfer instructions to consider them entered on that business day. A business day is Monday-Friday, except bank holidays. If you are using mobile banking to make a loan payment, then the cutoff time is 5:00 PM Central time on any business day. All transfer and payment instructions received after the applicable cutoff time will be processed or credited as of the next business day or as otherwise permitted by law.

Is there a fee for the First Fidelity Bank Mobile app?

No. The First Fidelity Bank Mobile application is offered free to any First Fidelity Bank customer with an Apple or Android mobile device.

Who do I contact for help?

For assistance with First Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking, please contact Customer Service at 1-866-775-2641 or

How long will the app stay open before it times out?

The First Fidelity Bank Mobile Banking app will time out after it remains idle for 10 minutes. First Fidelity Bank recommends logging out of the app after each use to protect your financial information.

How do I access Mobile Banking?

Through your mobile device’s web browser or through an application available for Apple and Android devices.

What do I do if I forget my Mobile Password?

If you have forgotten your Mobile Password, please contact 1-866-775-2641 for assistance.


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